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D. Randy Garrison
July 13, 2021

My goal in this post is to draw attention to an important study that used advanced statistical techniques to analyze the CoI questionnaire (Abbitt & Boone, 2021). While exploring statistical anomalies may not be front of mind for most practitioners, or even those doing research with the CoI framework, this provides significant conceptual and analytical impact regarding the CoI questionnaire. By providing a brief overview of the study I hope to attract interest in pursuing research into the refinement and further validation of the CoI quantitative questionnaire.

However, before addressing suggestions for improvement, it is important to highlight and emphasize the findings of this research regarding the existing strengths of the CoI questionnaire. In this regard, Abbitt and Boone (2021) state that the CoI framework has demonstrated its value in providing insight into online and blended learning environments and the CoI “instrument exhibits strong measurement properties as evaluation of item reliability and person reliability suggested strong reliability” (p. 389).

Recognizing the strengths of the CoI questionnaire is not in contradiction to suggested area for possible improvement. ...


Dissertation for:   MSc Psychology

Advisor:                     Dr. Alice Doherty, Psychology Academic Lead & Course Director, University of Derby Online Learning

Summary of the research project

Willingness to communicate (WTC) is the direct psychological antecedent of communication behaviour in traditional (classroom) instructional settings (e. ...




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CoI Questionnaire: 2.0?
D. Randy Garrison
July 13, 2021
My goal in this post is to draw attention to an important study that used advanced statistical techniques to analyze the CoI questionnaire (Abbitt & Boone, 2021). While

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Dissertation for:   MSc Psychology

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