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Karin Barac · 10 months ago

I'm currently doing a PhD investigation into the connection between pedagogy and technology in academic design and delivery practices from staff and student perspectives. I'm using CoI (and TPACK) for my analytic frameworks and have realised that while both frameworks include context as a component I can't seem to find much previous research in the realm of CoI......

I'm wondering if anyone here can point me to any research that look into the contextual influences that support/hinder the creation and facilitation of a community of inquiry?

Cheers, Karin
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Mariángeles Castro Sánchez · 1 year ago
Estimados, soy Mariángeles Castro, profesora de la Universidad Austral, Argentina. Me encuentro trabajando en una investigación sobre compromiso académico en educación superior desde la percepción de los estudiantes, enfocando en la dimensión presencial social del modelo CoI.
Dirijo la carrera de Orientación Familiar, dictada en modalidad blended.
Encantada de participar en este foro y enriquecer nuestro estudio desde las diferentes perspectivas de abordaje de los colegas.
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Peter Shukie · 1 year ago
Hi, I am Peter Shukie and I work in Education Studies at a college-based Higher Education institute in the UK. I completed a PhD at Lancaster University in Technology Enhanced Learning and e-research and I am interested in the ways we can use technology to promote and enable social justice. My work involves lecturing and the creation/ development of Community Open Online Courses ( I am attracted to the breadth of engagement offered by CoI and hope to learn more in the company of you all.
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Bernard Kimani · 1 year ago

I am currently a PhD candidate whose interests lie in Online Education, Distance LEarning, E-Learning, Blended LEarning, IT-enabled learning

Have been engaged in Higher Education teaching for the last 10 years. 4 years ago, i came across the CoI and am interested in how it could be tested in multiple contexts and learning environments to the end that we develop critical thinking, specifically in online education/e-learning.
Bernard, Africa International University, Kenya.
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Maria O'Donovan · 1 year ago
I am delighted to have found this community! Am especially interested in the Community of Inquiry model and especially in relation to MOOCs.

I am working as a Research Assistant at Aarhus University.
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Dr. Alexander Osondu Akpodiete · 1 year ago
Hello everyone. I am new in the community. I am an IT & Cyber Security Consultant, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Mediator & Conflict Coach, Educator & Trainer and certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, with a varied inter-disciplinary education and experience. Certifications include Information Security & Assurance, A+, Security+, certified PMP®. I have taught law in the US and Nigeria. Currently, teaching IT courses here in the US.
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Chan Chang-Tik · 1 year ago
Hello everybody, I am a new member of the community. I would like to share my recent article on CoI and learning styles. It is published in the Interactive Learning Environments Journal (

I welcome comments from the learned community.

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Elahe Solimani · 2 years ago
Hello everybody. I am an EFL teacher and I've been teaching English in an EFL context for about 10 years.
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Rick Henderson · 2 years ago
Hello everyone! I am a part-time faculty member at Wilfrid Laurier University where I've been teaching computer concepts and applications (computer literacy) as well as Excel VBA programming for over 16 years.

I'm making a move into education training or educational technology but I enjoy participating in the scholarship of teaching and learning and helping faculty members do a better job at reaching their students.
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Norm Vaughan · 2 years ago

Welcome to the CoI Blog Community!!

Great to hear about your interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

Do you have any previous experience using the CoI framework in your teaching practice?

All the best, Norm Vaughan
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Martha Cleveland-Innes · 2 years ago
Hi Rick!

Welcome to our multi-authored blog! Please share your views on the topics raised here. We'd also like to hear more about what you are doing to help "faculty members do a better job at reaching their students."

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