Asmaa Ghitri
ORGANIZATIONLimerick University- Ireland.

A post-graduate student enrolled in ISPhD program abroad in the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics at the University of Limerick in Ireland. My research interests revolve around Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Community of Inquiry in Blended environment and ICT use in the EFL context.

I graduated in 2019 with an MA in Modern Linguistics. I have one year experience teaching English as a foreign language at third level of education.

My main objectives are: first to establish a solid foundation to the community on inquiry within the Algerian third level of education, and to second enhance the teaching/learning outcomes and productivity regarding my context.

I would like to share my opinions and have fruitful discussions about teaching English language experiences worldwide. So, feel free to contact me.

corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, community of inquiry in blended environment and ict use in the efl context.

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